Environmental Portable Display Systems

Marler Haley and the Environment

For the last 60 years, Marler Haley’s products have provided sound and sustainable display solutions. Right from the beginning our products have been engineered to be used again and again. Testament to the longevity of our products is the high quantity of Marler Haley equipment still in daily use after 25 years or more.

Even at the end of a long and useful life our products continue to be environmentally sound as they are manufactured using 80% recyclable material.

Environmentally friendly

A Culture of Environmental Awareness and Best Practice

We believe that our continued success is due to our great people and our strong culture. We value the ethical and long-term perspective. This perspective includes the desire to make Environmental considerations central to the way Marler Haley does business in the 21st century.


Marler Haley operates a recycle program for all paper, cardboard, and aluminium so that the unavoidable waste from both administration and production are recycled.

Harmful Compounds

Marler Haley’s leading edge graphic production facility has always avoided the use of solvent based printing processes and has invested heavily in alternatives with low environmental impact.

Carbon Footprint

With global warming now acknowledged to be a serious threat to our planet and future generations, Marler Haley is working hard to measure and reduce carbon emissions. Consultation with the Carbon Trust has been initiated and internal reviews and improvements are underway.